Day Trip to Dungeness (August 2020)


Social Distancing at the End of the World (June 2020)


The Hopes and Fears of All the Years (April 2020)


Things that Come and Go (February 2020)


Searching for the Eco-City in Kuala Lumpur (August 2019)


Moscow 1: Securitised-Transgressive Public Space (July 2019)


Moscow 2: Poundbury’s Twin Sister (July 2019)


All You Need to Know About Eco-Cities and Martian Rights (July 2019)


Visiting Places (June 2019)


Three New Publications: Mars, Cultural Economy, and Posthumanism (January 2019)


Walking a Dog (October 2018)


New book chapter: Ordinary Chinese Smart Cities – the Case of Wuhan (September 2018)

Inside Smart Cities cover

Elusive Landscapes of ‘Design’ in the City (August 2018)


Smart City as Anti-Planning in the UK (July 2018)


A Manifesto for Governing Life on Mars (June 2018)

Mars landscape

A Hall of Mirrors (May 2018)


Future Cities: Renarrating Human Agency (April 2018)

Palgrave Communications

Tolerating Corruption (April 2018)

Tolerating corruption

Call for Papers RGS-IGB 2018 (Cardiff): Elusive Landscapes of ‘Design’ in the City (January 2017)

Cardiff University

Learning from Macau: A Model for Good Governance (January 2018)


New Book Chapter: National Policies for Local Urban Sustainability (November 2017)

Retrofitting Cities for Tomorrow's World

A Nice Polish Lick of Paint (September 2017)


Taipei Old and New (August 2017)

Back of Presidential Office Building, Taipei

Forum: Resilience & Design (July 2017)

Journal of resilience

Two Superficial Strolls in Stockholm (June 2017)

Husby 4

Robot Futures: Vision and Touch in Robotics (June 2017)

Robot Futures Vision and Touch in Robotics

Academic Stories and Unhappy Endings (April 2017)

The tragic hero

The Smart City and Its Publics (March 2017)

Downtown Parcel Coded

Yellow Crane Tower (Feb 2017)


Don’t Take a Taxi from Schiphol Airport (Jan 2017)


Interrogating Urban Experiments (Dec 2016)


Looking Upwards (Aug 2016)

Athens rooftops

Gui Ju and the Brexit (July 2016)


Taking the Broader View (May 2016)


Superstudio (April 2016)

2000 Ton City

Defetishising the City (March 2016)

defetishing the city

Sustainability and Informality: Reflections from Egypt (Dec 2015)

View of Aswan

Call for Papers: Design after Planning (Nov 2015)

Design after planning

Urbino (August 2015)

Palazzo Ducale di Urbino

A book of blogs (August 2015)

Dialogues of Sustainable Urbanisation cover

Tomorrow’s City Today: Prospects for Standardising Sustainable Urban Development (March 2015)

Tomorrow's City Today

The Parable of Kinshasa (February 2015)

Kin la poubelle

A Festival of Nomotropism (December 2014)

Gecekondular in Izmir

The Story of Marcel Storr (October 2014)

marcel storr A

Living with Uncertainty (August 2014)


Beware of the City: Lessons from Africa (August 2014)

African slum

An Ode to the Library in Sejong City (June 2014)

Sejoing city libary

Who Needs a City Centre? Notes from Sejong City (June 2014)

Sejong City centre

My Talk on Eco-Cities and Neoliberalism (June 2014)

Vanesa Castan Broto

 In Defiance of the Right to Public Space (May 2014)

In defiance of the right to public space

In Defence of Representation, and In Defence of Utopia (May 2014)

What has become of the eco-city Martin Centre

List of Speakers: New Perspectives on the Problem of the Public (April 2014)

New perspectives on the problem of the public

Being Human (April 2014)

being human

The Tricky Business of the Applied Utopia (March 2014)

applied utopia

Build Your Own Pre-post-liberal House (February 2014)

pre-post-liberal house

Spatial Transformations – Lessons from Linguistics? (February 2014)

spatial and linguistic transformations

The Importance of Corruption in Urban Sustainability (December 2013)

corruption and urban sustainability

Call for Papers: New Perspectives on the Problem of the Public (December 2013)

new perspectives on the problem of the public

Gratuitous Photos of High-Rise Residential Hong Kong (November 2013)

Sai Wan Ho, Hong Kong 2

The Publicness of An Occupied Public House (October 2013)

Bohemia North Finchley

The Significance of the Urban Sphere of Dreams (August 2013)


Googlopolis: The Denial of the City? (June 2013)

Smart City Deptford

Unremarkable Graffiti on Alberta Street, Portland (June 2013)

Alberta Street Portland

Segregated Urban Sustainability (May 2013)

Segregated Chicago

The Mysterious Work of the University (April 2013)

Ivory Tower

Waking up the Neighbours: The Unexpected Significance of DIY Urbanism (March 2013)

guerilla gardening